Hello World!

Wow. I'm happy to be back again and just taking care of myself. Lol. More like taking care of just my kids. To me being a mommy its much easier than being a Maid of Honor. You want everyone to be happy and get along, to make a gathering that'll make the Bride feel wonderful and greatly loved.  Now the wedding is just ahead but that's not for awhile now, so I can take it easy.  Ha ha I probably exaggerate but it was no picnic.
Okay so now to move on. If you haven't noticed yet I took my PTU Autism Awareness kit as a freebie down. It was just a temp gift and I hope you got a chance to download because I will not be downloading it again in a while. Right now I have a new kit "2014 Hallows Kit" for you. I know its the 16th of October but I hope you can have some fun with it. Just click on the preview for download.

xoxo Jenny

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